Thursday, March 3, 2011


I'm finally sleeved and finally home. Came home last night and boy was I glad to finally be home. Though my pain is higher at home since I'm on different meds now, it's much better to be here in my own bed, able to see the kids whenever I feel like it.

Surgery went well. The doctor said there were no issues with the surgery so thats a blessing. I was under for 4 hours so I was quite loopy all Monday night and into Tuesday. Since my surgery was later in the day that meant being woken up nearly hourly by doctors and nurses all Monday night. I remember trying so hard to stay awake but it just wasn't working for me. I was not able to get up and move either because I was so drugged.

Tuesday I had a leak test done and once that came back fine they took out the catheter and started me on clear liquids. It's not easy to get all those liquids though, thats for sure. I did end up needing magnesium so I got that through the IV and then they stopped the flow and let me try to hydrate myself.

Wednesday they had to hook me back up to the IV so I could get some potassium, let me tell ya, that stuff burns! She had to keep messing with it and finally just hooked it up to other IV running to dilute the potassium.

My nurses and doctors were great, all had a great sense of humor so that was nice. Thankfully I was not in a packed room either, normally you have 3 other people in one room with you but I had only 1 each day.

Once I got home, hubby got me all settled and into bed I went. I've been walking around as much as I can and trying to get enough fluids in. I'm clear to start full liquids but I'm going to stick with clear liquids for another day at the least, I'm just not wanting anything thicker than water, I am getting in some protein, though not nearly enough but hydration is the key in the first week or two anyways.

Oh and I weighed myself out of curiosity last night and would you believe I lost weight?! I'm full of gas/air that they pumped me full of and plenty of water weight and I have this stupid drain too but I still lost weight. Totally crazy.

Ok, drugs are kicking in so its nap time.


HOPE said...

Glad to hear that your surgery went well and that you are even able to blog! Amazing what can be done nowadays medically.

Glad Effie is there also to help you..and the hugs from the kids must make the medicine goooo down so much easier..better than a spoonful of sugar..just kids sugar!!!

Take care praying for you...

bradycharles said...

Congrats!!!! Glad everything went well and you're home with your babies!!! Xo