Friday, March 25, 2011

Waiting for things to be "normal"

The feeling post-op is one I cannot describe, it changes many things. It changes your energy level, it changes your mind, it changes how you eat and how you view food, and it changes your body.

Those you of you who know me, know that I am terribly impatient. Right now I am super impatient. I am not wanting to just eat food, I am wanting to be able to handle food without feeling awful. I am wanting energy to get up and clean my house or do the million other things I need to do.

Its a balancing act, I suppose. A very slow process for an impatient person makes them very cranky. Have I mentioned that the surgery and weight loss also affects your hormones? It actually does. So that makes me more cranky ;)

Thankfully my very supportive, encouraging husband has been dealing with me and helping me get through all these changes and has yet to lose his temper with me over my drama-queen moments. He has let me just go to bed more than once, realizing that I do feel actual pain and exhaustion. So many people don't understand what weight loss surgery does to you unless you have been through it. Its not a process I would want to repeat thats for sure.

Hopefully things will continue to get better quickly. I started on a new medication today to deal with heartburn and prayerfully it will work. Heartburn BITES! The only other time I dealt with it was while on hospital bedrest with the twins and there I had medication any time I needed it so it was not nearly as annoying as what I am experiencing now.

Oh and before I forget I am officially getting to the point of having to get rid of clothes, like my favorite Church skirt. I wore it on Sunday and well its supposed to hit just below the knee and now is half way down my calf lol.I was able to pull the skirt off without even unzipping it. Thankfully the support group I go to do a clothing exchange every other month, I have a feeling many of my old clothes will be making their way to the group in the next few months ;)

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