Thursday, August 19, 2010

Crazy days...

I had intended to be more faithful in has not happened ;)

That's life for you...

Many things going on around here right now. Most important husband started Bible College! How exciting is that?! A friend from church has also started the same program at the same time so the guys can work on it together. Thankfully its a 'work as you have time' type of program, his assignments are up to him when he has time. Perfect for someone in the military that can not always meet specific deadlines.

He is also working on a sermon to preach at the request of our Pastor, how exciting! Weekly I hear him preaching to the little ones in our class Sunday mornings but very excited to hear him preaching to adults soon, a little nerve wracking to him though...

Its amazing to me how much I do enjoy teaching with him on Sunday mornings to 4th-6th graders. As awful as it sounds, prior to this I was just on the nursery schedule, once a month, and I dreaded those days! However now we go to church and I look forward to our class, I guess the nursery is just not my 'calling' right now.

Right now its VBS week! This is my first real experience with VBS, I went once as a child but I don't remember anything but one time sitting in a class while children recited books of the Bible, other than that I have no recollection of it. The theme is "God's Pony Express". I had no idea how much went in to planning these things. Thankfully our Associate Pastor took the lead in it and just told me what to do and let me get creative where needed in creating the paper work that went along with it. Surprisingly I was able to figure out how to design the 'buckaroo bucks' and other things needed. I'm still new to using Publisher, truthfully I had no idea the program even existed prior to taking over the secretary position LOL! I sure can find my way around the Internet but other than that I know nothing of computers ;) Which was very apparent this last week as well while I redesigned the bulletin, it took me HOURS. Thank the Lord for a good husband that is ok with watching our kids plus whatever other kids were at our house those days while I went to work at the church. Much more still to learn and a few more programs to figure out this week but Lord willing, I can pick them up quickly.

Anyways, after all that VBS is going good! We have been running 20-25 kids each night and they all seem to love it. Hoping we can get a few more kids in these last two days. My kids ask every day if they get to go to VBS, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that they are so excited to go to church.

In other news we started our homeschool year, its slow-going right now due to crazy schedules but that's the best part of homeschool, we have all the time we need to accomplish what needs to be accomplished :) Our son has started 1st grade and our little ones preschool. They will also do a two day a week preschool at an indoor play space that I work at, a volunteer was needed which included free tuition, PERFECT! Our little man will be a 'junior assistant teacher', hes excited about that.

We are very excited for next week. My grandparents are coming in for a visit and to watch our kids while the husband has surgery. Most folks don't get excited over surgery but it *should* enable him to run again and better yet, walk without pain! He has an overgrown bone in his foot, how and when this happened, we have no idea, but finally after YEARS of physical therapy and several drs one finally saw what was so obviously his problem, its amazing it was not found sooner. He will be in a cast for 6 weeks...praying he handles it well. After that his other foot will be x-rayed and decided if he needs surgery on that foot as well, when you feel it you can feel the same 'extra bone' that is in the other foot, just not as bad.

We will round out the week with my SIL coming in for a visit, I can NOT wait! She just had her first child, an adorable, chubby little man :) He will be 3 months old the day she flies in! Soooo excited to finally get to meet him, we had planned to come down for or around his birth but as usual things came up and we were not able to get the time off, but at least hes coming here for a visit! I'm looking forward to spoiling him and loving him and pinching him and kissing him ♥

Well, 2 of the 3 are up now so I better run and feed them before they starve ;)