Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Awesome giveaway!

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While you are at it, check out Angie's regular blog. She is an absolutely amazing woman and a mother of an angel as well.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Moving right along!

The weather has been awful so there were cancelations, which meant openings for my appt to be moved up to today! yay!

I got a list of appts for me over the next month. Then a meeting with the case manager again, a few more appts and then surgery!

Today I was also able to go to a support group meeting. The bad weather meant only 2 other people besides myself. One of which had gastric bypass 7 months ago and has lost over 130 lbs!!! She also let me know of another support group that meets on Thursdays, she said the group is just amazing so next week I plan to hit that meeting up and meet some ladies who have gone through the same surgery by the same doctors. Never thought I would get so excited to meet new people haha!

The other lady that was there is working up to the VSG as well.

Well thats all for now :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Here we go!

So much has been going on lately, life is always crazy in our house as it is.

I GOT THE CALL! This upcoming week I will officially begin my VSG journey...can I get a WOOOOHOOOOOOO?!

The first appointment is with the case manager, she will go over all my 9 pages of paperwork and put in the referals for all the doctors appointments I will need to complete prior to surgery.

I also have a few appts already set up, including a goal setting class and stress management class.

Um yeah, Im married to the military, Im fairly certain that I have learned to cope with stress ha. Even more so with ANOTHER deployment this coming year *sigh*

As for goals, well all I want is to be in a single digit size pants. Soooo many people get soo caught up in a certain weight. Most of my life my weight has been far more than most would expect so the weight doesnt matter to me, just the size and fit of my jeans.

If all goes well I expect to go under the knife in January, maybe February. Truth be told, I would do it tomorrow if I could ;)

Hubby is already joking that he wont recognize me upon his return from the next deployment ;) I *should* lose the bulk of the weight before he even goes so thats exciting. Hopefully I will be down enough shortly after to get the skin issues taken care of while hes deployed

In other news, the old people came to visit, they got in a few nights ago, my kids get sooo excited to see their grandparents, actually they are their great-grandparents, kids LOVE to see them. We are gearing up for a busy week of visiting and another big thing...

my son is going back to public school *sigh* Not what I wanted but my husband wants him to try it out again, something about my stress after he leaves and him needing more time around other boys. Most our friends are girls. Talk about upsetting, Im not pleased with his teacher but hoping she is not what she appeared to be today at our meeting. The boy is having mixed feelings but overall he is excited to meet the new kids.

Im not sure how the girls will cope with him being gone all day long, Im not sure how I will cope either, thankfully we know that if once again we are not pleased we will withdrawl him again and keep it that way. We shall see...