Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Moving right along!

The weather has been awful so there were cancelations, which meant openings for my appt to be moved up to today! yay!

I got a list of appts for me over the next month. Then a meeting with the case manager again, a few more appts and then surgery!

Today I was also able to go to a support group meeting. The bad weather meant only 2 other people besides myself. One of which had gastric bypass 7 months ago and has lost over 130 lbs!!! She also let me know of another support group that meets on Thursdays, she said the group is just amazing so next week I plan to hit that meeting up and meet some ladies who have gone through the same surgery by the same doctors. Never thought I would get so excited to meet new people haha!

The other lady that was there is working up to the VSG as well.

Well thats all for now :)


Shannon said...

May God bless you and give the medical staff wisdom on your surgery day. :o) What day are you scheduled to have surgery?

sasicas said...

Thank you! No solid day yet, but its expected to be in February :)