Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Finally some food!

It seems a lot of the nausea has been from a lack of food, which I suspected was the case. I don't feel real hunger like I did pre-op, but imagine a time where you went way too many hours of not eating and that nausea starts to kick in. Then multiply that feeling by 4 weeks. Yeah, not pleasant.

My "green book" that was given to me by the nutritionist that had my dietary guidelines in had gone missing. Of course today I send hubby off to get a new book and within an hour or so I found the other one. No idea how either of us had not been able to find it because it was in plain site ha.

So anyways, it said liquid diet for at least 2 weeks post-op and that is where I am now so I decided I needed to start adding food.

Of course my idea of food now is drastically different. I cannot have fresh fruits and veggies yet but I can have the canned stuff so I grabbed a can of sliced peaches and ate 1 1/2 slices before I was full haha. For dinner a friend brought over baked mac n cheese. Now I know many say to completely avoid carbs but lets me honest here, the amount I can eat is not significant enough to make a difference, I just have to be careful to make it an occational "treat". So I ate some, took me probably 30-45 minutes to eat 1/8th of a cup. I have to eat s l o w l y and I have to chew to a baby food consistancy so it take a good long while for me to eat.

So far so good. I feel less nausea now as long as I don't go too many hours between eating. I still need to do a lot of work on getting enough protein but I know it will come with time.

Now I just need to get rid of the pain.

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