Friday, February 25, 2011

Only a few more days

The day I have been oh so impatiently awaiting is almost here. I have my report time now too :)

The old people, aka my grandparents, got in today. They came in to watch the kids for the first few days.

I am still following the liquid diet, cheating here and there but I'm ok with it. I have found Jamba Juice Strawberry Nirvana with added protein to be a new favorite, of course after surgery I won't be able to drink that any time soon but its ok with me.

I am now down 10 lbs 4 oz! I am so anxious to finally lose ALL the weight and just be a nice healthy size, where I can wear all the cute, non-fat girl sizes.

I do have to be honest, sometimes it really bothers me that I know so many people my age that can just eat whatever they want to eat, whenever they want to and never gain a single pound. It's frustrating to know that is not how my body works.

My hubby has been great, reassuring me that I can do this surgery and I will succeed. The support group has been awesome too, calling me daily to see how I am holding up. THe days before surgery are some of the hardest, knowing I am going into surgery AGAIN is stressful, knowing I will be out of commission for awhile is stressful, knowing that my body is about to go through some drastic changes is stressful. I know I am doing the right thing though, I have to do this for myself, for my family too.

So here we go people. Next time I post again I will be sleeved!

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Taylor said...

Best of luck! Can't wait to hear how it goes for you.