Sunday, February 13, 2011

Trying not to spaz

So Im getting nervous. Not about the surgery though. I am nervous about the liquid diet.

Yes that sounds stupid.

But I'm fat. And I like to eat. Which is partly why I am fat.

So telling me I cannot have food, kinda sucks!

I think I've got the main drinks I will have over the next several weeks. Broth, protein powders, carnation instant breakfast, jello, etc.

I'm praying by the time I have the surgery I will be used to the liquid diet so it won't be as much as a shock. I hope the head hunger will be gone by then too. And the carb cravings *sigh* I will miss my bread.

I'm sure by the time I can eat real food again I will be sick of all liquids lol. Really, its going to be about 2 weeks pre-op, 4 weeks post-op, 2 weeks of mushies, then I can introduce real food. So basically 2 months of a liquid diet.

But I am ready, well as ready as I can be to get this process going. I WILL NO LONGER BE FAT SOON! WOOHOO!

Anyways, since tomorrow is the last day before the liquids begin, I am going to pig out. I am going to my favorite coffee shop probably twice tomorrow ;) I will be making a meatloaf tomorrow too so I can have my beloved meatloaf sandwich for lunch. Then for dinner, we will brave the crowds while a friend watches the kids and hit up Outback Steakhouse for dinner. I can just taste the bloomin onion now ;)

So wish me luck. I am sure I will be back in the next few days to complain.


Perspective said...

Wow! I imagine that that might be a little challenging. On the plus side jello is considered a liquid!?!?!? Yay! Jello is yummy and so many flavors to choose from! Good luck with everything!

sasicas said...

Yep, jello is considered a liquid. At least pre-op I can have regular jello. Post-op it has to be sugar free ICK!