Monday, January 3, 2011

Here we go, welcome 2011

This year is a big year for us.

Next up is my surgery hopefully soon, just awaiting the call from the shrink to get my eval out of the way. I have called my bariatric case manager twice now and emailed her, still no word from her. Shes the one who has to put in my referral so I'm a little anxious to hear back...

Hubby will also be having surgery, this time his jaw will be broken and reset. OW. A few months later his braces will come off just in time for him to deploy


This year my babies will be starting kindergarten as well *sniff sniff* Thankfully its not full day, I'm not sure how I will handle being home alone for even a couple hours. I keep holding out that maybe, just maybe, hubby will change his mind and we can go back to homeschool or better yet, I'm hoping our Church finds property quickly so we can get our school started there.

In more surgery news, I've officially started buying the new foods I will eat. Like sugar free jellos, sugar free Torani syrups *which I've read are super good*, and also making the switch to decaf coffee. Next up protein powders and sugar free Carnation Instant Breakfast.

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