Monday, January 17, 2011

He's how old?!

Time sure does fly by. Way. Too. Fast!

This week my little man turns 7. How did that happen so fast???

It seems that he was just born, now here he is turning 7. *sigh* And of course now I have cooties. So loving on me is a rare thing these days. Every once in awhile I can get him to come sit by me and just cuddle but most days, I just have cooties and he cannot be bothered lol.

7 years ago, I lay in a hospital bed, on hospital bedrest, with severe pre-eclampsia and suspected HELLP syndrome. My husband had just come home from training out of state on a Red Cross message. Our son and I were both struggling to stay alive.

We had been struggling for weeks. I was told I was being dramatic, I was told I had heartburn, I was told my ribs were inflamed, over and over, I was told there was nothing wrong but there was and all it took was a little blood work to see that yes we were sick, VERY sick. I was quickly put on bedrest at home but it just wasn't enough. Steriod shots were given to me in hopes of maturing our very tiny babies lungs.

This was no regular pregnancy. You see, I was only 27 weeks along, we still had another 13 weeks before he was supposed to be born. But we were dying. And no I am not being dramatic. My liver and kidneys were quickly shutting down, my blood pressure was through the roof, I saw spots before my eyes, I had intense upper right quadrant pain from the whole liver issue. I was swollen up so bad it was difficult to even find a vein. Our little man's growth had nearly stopped, the flow that should go through the umbilical cord was nearly non existant.

After an ambulance ride we found ourselves at an amazing, more equipted hospital where I was informed I would stay until the end of my pregnancy. I had no idea the end of my pregnancy was that night.

Things were progressively getting worse by the minute. My new perinatologist said it was either a c-section or death. The chances of me surviving an induction were practically 0. Our son had only a 50/50 chance of being able to handle and induction anyways. So that night, our first child was born, weighing in at 1 lb 12 oz and 13 1/2 inches long.

We had a long road ahead of us, being born so premature meant months in the NICU, time on the ventilator, CPAP, nasal canula, remembering to breathe on his own, blood clots, blood transfusions, platlet transfusions, gaining weight, learning how to take a bottle and finally being released with one more short hospital stay over reflux.

Today our son is such a bright, amazing, kind, loving, hysterical little man and most would never guess he started out so tiny.

This year he got to spend some special time out with daddy and a friend. And my grandparents came into town to help us celebrate, he chose Red Lobster as his birthday dinner haha. Now we are preparing for a little pizza party with a few friends to celebrate his special day.

He has been such a blessing to our lives and we are so grateful that God gave us this little boy to raise here on earth ♥


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HOPE said...


We thank the LORD for his tender care over you and mommy...

You are indeed the sweetest and we love you very much! I need to send photos of your Elmo b'day we spent together. You loved Elmo. I'm sure now that you are older...he was a fun memory.

Hope you enjoy your gift we sent!!

Hugs and love,
Nana and Papa "E'