Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas fun!

Christmas morning at my grandparents new house, as you can see my brats, uh I mean children a little on the spoiled side ;)

And yes we ate too much...way too much. I figure I had to eat what I wanted this year before I have to give it all up next year. Well not really give it up next year, chances are all the sweets will be just too sweet for me, or at least I hope.

And this beautiful sunrise was right outside the living room on the porch of my grandparents house, um yeah, it's kind of awesome!

And another picture taken a few days prior, again at the same spot, right outside their living room. Can you believe how beautiful it is at their new home?!

In other news, all my pre-surgery classes are all complete! TOTALLY DONE! AND I have officially been cleared for surgery from my primary doctor WOOHOO!
Now I wait by the phone for the shrink to call and schedule my written test (totally think its insane that I have to do a written test, but whateva) After that I meet with the shrink and then see the surgeon to schedule surgery. YAY ME!
Soooo close, yet it feels so far away.

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