Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Another appt down

Let me just say this...these appts are SOOOOOOOOOOOO boring! I know they are neccessary but really now, we need some life in this meetings I have to keep going to. Slowly but surely Im getting through the appts one by one. Next week alone I have 3 appts, then one more the following week and then on to the most important appts leading up to my meeting with the surgeon. Im trying to not be impatient but anyone who knows me knows that I am an impatient person ;)

On a good note, I went to another support group meeting last week and had a great time. I was able to get some good advice on plastic surgery after weight loss so that was awesome.

We also had a gift exchange. And I got an apron! Again anyone that knows me knows that I have this unnatural obsession with aprons ;) Its crazy how stuff like that works out. I had just been telling the group that I was using aprons I have stored away as my mini-goal rewards, next thing ya know, its my turn to pick a present and sure enough it was an apron. hehe.

Things are moving along at home too. Our little man is back in public school and while it is not my desire for him to be there, he is loving it so far. The girls are doing great with preschool as well. The hubby is super busy though preparing for the next deployment which leaves little time for us but thats the military life for ya.

This picture is the official Christmas picture this year haha, these kids crack me up!

And this picture is from little mans first day of school

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HOPE said...

Hoping all goes well for you with these appts. Aubrey's friend is going through the same appointments.

NOW I know what to send for your b'day..and APRON!!!

Thanks for the pics...they are growing tooo quickly.

Love and hugs to all