Thursday, April 8, 2010

Resurrection Sunday

The day started out great :) Imagine the kids surprise when they walked downstairs to find baskets full of goodies, of course this was after I played dumb when my son asked if we had gone to the PX to get some of those 'basket thingys with stuff in them with plastic stuff over them' LOL.

After going through their new stash, we sat down to an easy breakfast of cereal. M and S scarfed down their breakfast, knowing they could play with their new goodies once they finished. B, on the other hand, decided she was not going to eat. We are at that oh so lovely age where she has decided to push every button possible to see just how much she can get away with. Of course the refusal to eat meant a major melt-down, ya know, we are obviously the meanest parents ever wanting her to eat a whopping 1/2 cup of cereal that SHE choose just minutes prior. At any rate, after a battle of wills, she ate, and off we went to church. The husband said the message was really good, as usual, since we have the BEST church ever, however I sat in the nursery, so I missed it all. After the service the kids all got to do an awesome Easter egg hunt, which of course meant lots of temptation to eat all that yummy chocolate ;)

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Aubrey said...

aww they look sooo cute! we're actually melting a huge chocolate bunny for chocolate fondue tonight!