Tuesday, April 13, 2010

He can eat!

well almost ;) 5 weeks ago my husband had a surgery called S.A.R.P.E, basically his palette was too small, his teeth really crooked. After years of yearly dental exams FINALLY a denist saw fit to send him to the orthodonist. Upon seeing the orthodonist he decided that he needed surgery, not just one but two *sigh* The next surgery will be in about a year from now, to break his lower jaw and reset it *shivers*.

Once in adulthood your palate hardens, as a child it is soft and a device called an RPE can be put on the roof of a childs mouth to widen it. Since hes an old man now he had to be put out while the oral surgeons made incissions on his gums to get in an loosen the palate, of course the husband could not just be an easy case, his bones were REALLY hard so it took an extra half hour to break it apart. Then we started to turn the RPE twice a day (oh yes I did get to torture him with the turns lol). He went from having his front two teeth crossed over eachother to having a gap big enough to stick a straw through! So for the last 5 weeks he has been on a liquid and 'whatever you can swallow' diet. The man has lost 25 lbs! SO NOT FAIR!

Ok well, I am glad I didnt have to have the surgery but still, he lost 25 lbs!

Yesterday was his LAST appointment with oral surgery YAY! He was given the ok to start chewing again next week, however he is giving it a try now, since the orthodonist said it wouldnt hurt anything he needed to do now, so little by little hes eating REAL whole food.

In a few months he will get his top braces put on to straight out those teeth, about 2 years from now he will be done and have straight teeth just in time to get out of the Army YAY!

Once I find my camera cord I will upload some of his pics :)

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Aubrey said...

YAy! He gets to eat again! lol