Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Tonight kicked off our Missions Conference YAY!

We enjoyed hearing from two church planters tonight, its amazing what something as simple as giving money can accomplish, all those souls saved because people were ready to go and others ready to give.

An amazing thing happened to me, normally I pray daily for people, and I pray for those who ask for it. Rarely do I feel this need to pray for someone without their asking immediately. However that is exactly what happened to me yesterday.

Usually when my husbands alarm goes off, I push him and go right back to sleep. This particular morning I woke up with this desire to pray for missionaries to Mexico, the Casias family. A wonderful husband and wife team whom I had the pleasure of meeting at last years Missions conference. After praying for them I looked online hoping they had a website, they did! I let them know I was praying for them. I assumed my desire had to do with our Missions conference beginning.

Tonight I got an email from Brother Casias. Imagine my surprise to learn he had been heading from the border when a plane crashed on the highway into several cars! He just so happened to be far enough back to not sustain any damage to himself nor to his van.

That right there is just SO God. God is so merciful, God will wake you up knowing a brother or sister in Christ is in need.

God is SO wonderful!

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Aubrey said...

that IS an amazing story! Isn't God great! So glad you were willing to stop and pray for that family! Great post!