Monday, November 7, 2011

Sometimes it is hard to stay positive

Praise the Lord I know He is in control...

Because sometimes it is so hard to just stay positive when watching so much illness around...

There is a lady that I love dearly. She was always like a mom to me. She is my YoYo <3 A few days ago her daughter, who was my best friend in high school, contacted me to let me know YoYo was in the hospital and the doctors thought it was cancer. And that it was affecting many organs. She has been in pain for quite awhile.

I called YoYo today, she started to cry. She said she knew something was wrong but ignored it. Today the diagnosis came back as Stage 4 metastatic liver cancer. They cannot operate. They said if anything they could do chemotherapy. For now she is still in the hospital and once she is home she will get to go see an oncologist and start figuring out what the next course of action is. Her husband, I call him RiRi, is sick too. It's a miracle he is still alive as he has been sick for as long as I have known him...

They are both fighters and I praise the Lord for that.

Then there is Mike. Mike is one of my closest friends husband. He is a trustee in our Church, he is the associate Pastors son. He loves the Lord, he loves his family, he loves his friends, he is an encouragement to all those around him right now. Mike has cancer. Mike is not doing well and was taken back to Hospice today. He is only in his 20s and losing his battle with cancer. My friend, only 28 years old, is facing a life without her husband.


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HOPE said...

So sorry to hear the news of these people. My dear friend Barb has only 3-9 months left from Colon Cancer..she has been a fighter for several years now. She is a precious lady. is a sore evil..but not of God's choice. Sin abounds and brings diseases to all of us...Having been diagnosed myself and finding that it was not of God's will for "my time" YET..I rested in his will. That's the best way to approach it as a Christian. God knows the beginning from the end and what he desires to accomplish.
I pray that MIKE saves many souls by his battle and that he will find in Heaven...the LORD had a blessed purpose for his life..AND...death.

PRAYING...always for healing, but also for God's will.

Please remember Barb for me.