Monday, September 20, 2010

The husband and visitors

We had a great time a few weeks ago. My grandparents came to visit, well more like watch the kids while the hubby had surgery for accessory navicular. Surgery went well, he spent the first 2 weeks laid up and now is able to get around more. Hes still limited on what he can and should do but its been nice to have him around. Its amazing how much more I can accomplish when I can run errands kid free. Ive been able to go out with some friends too so thats been amazing. Who would have thought late night Walmart trips could be so much fun ;)

We also got to meet our way too stinkin adorable nephew Brady. His mommy brought him for us to spoil for a few days. It was sooooo nice to have them both around :) It was very sad to see them leave. The kids are still talking about Auntie 'roofy' and baby 'bwady'. Well enjoy the pictures, hopefully I can post more in the next few days :)


Aubrey said...

aww cute pics! SO glad yall got to spend time with roofy and bwady! Love and miss yall xo

bradycharles said...

I didn't know this was your blog - yay! now I can follow :)