Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Gotta love when life throws you curve balls.

Two weeks after my accident skating, I'm still in pain *sigh* More x-rays were done yesterday, just waiting to find out, hopefully tomorrow, that I'm just being a big ol sissy and that there wasn't some kind of hidden fracture. Apparently its easier to see the healing than fractures themselves in certain areas. I'm certain that I'm just a big baby though.

I ended up being only able to attend one night of the ladies retreat. We had a great time goofing around and then trying not to get in trouble while listening to Debi Pryde while she gave her message, it was just a good time of fellowship and nothing too formal, it was all very relaxed. On the drive home I realized that until this eye issue I'm having is figured out I just cannot drive at night.

Hopefully this week I can get the eye issue figured out too, the eye dr is doing some kind of neurological test. FUN FUN!

Apparently my body thinks its far older than it actually is.

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Aubrey said...

It's called getting old LOL....seriously, I hope you start feeling better soon. Maybe you better stick to skates with 4 wheels! haha